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Test Knit


Each design is born from an idea, an inspiration that designers try to materialize with stitches, adding textures and shapes through the rhythm of the needles.

The next step is the writing of the pattern. It is the technical side of the process. It is where numbers click to create an identical design for various sizes.

Tech editor brings his keen eye, double-checking numbers, and the clarity of the instructions.

Then, the pattern is ready for test knitting.

Test knitting is essential before every pattern release.

It is the final and necessary step before publishing. And provide to the designer the feedback for the last modifications and corrections before the release.


Through a platform of exchange (SLACK group. Only an email address is necessary to register), the designer and test knitters are free to share info and questions

to help each other when necessary.


If you want to register as a test knitter, you commit yourself to:

  • Respect a deadline (from 2 weeks to 8 weeks)according to the project (small accessories to jumper).

  • Please notify me of any mistakes or incomprehension, and please check the meterage/yardage estimation.

  • Have a Ravelry project page or an Instagram account (recommended but not compulsory) to post pretty pictures of the pattern and share different yarns' choices and fittings.

At the end of the completed test knitting, you will receive the final version of the pattern and can choose one published design on my Ravelry store.


If you are in, feel free to register by filling out the form below, and you will be informed for every test knitting call out.


Thank you so much!